Botanical Bounty

April's showers brought May flowers

Good Wolf Hibiscus Bloom Probiotic Refresher
This Portland-based company crafts water kefir into a thirst-quenching, non-alcoholic, fermented beverage with over two billion CFU probiotics in every can. A healthy gut microbiome enhances digestion, stronger immunity and improved brain function. Made with a base of fermented apple juice, this sparkling probiotic contributes tart notes of cranberries, hibiscus and lemon in a deliciously refreshing bubbly beverage.
$40, 8 pack of 12 fluid oz. cans

Steven Smith Teamaker Meadow No. 67 Caffeine-free Chamomile Tea Blend
The distinctive orange box contains individually wrapped transparent teabags filled with whole golden Egyptian chamomile flowers, Cape rooibos, rose petals, linden flowers along with hyssop, a shrub with antioxidant properties. Extraordinary floral aromas and flavors of chamomile, apple and honey gently waft from the steeped brew. Blended locally in S.E. Portland, each flower-filled tea bag is a tiny work of drinkable art.
$13, carton contains 15 sachets

Oregon Growers Northwest Wildflower Honey
Composed of snowberry, chokecherry, clover and dandelion wildflowers, Oregon Growers’ raw honey is harvested and produced in the Columbia Gorge. Subtle floral flavors mingle with natural enzymes, adding sweetness to warm beverages, baked goods, salad dressings, even sauces and marinades. Don’t overlook honey’s medicinal properties as an effective anti-inflammatory; perfect for soothing sore throats and mild burns.
$10, 12 oz. squeeze bottle

Wild Wines Rosehip Wine
Located in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley, Wild Wines specializes in unique, small-batch, hand-harvested fruit, flower and berry wines with no sulfites or preservatives. Winemaker Carla David ferments foraged rosehips until dry, creating a brown sugar-colored, almost sherry-like wine with mouthwatering tartness and grippy texture. Notes of dried figs, strawberries, rose, singed orange peel and toasted nuts deliver a distinct experience with each sip.
$22, 750 ml. bottle

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