Blancs You Can Bank On

Foris 2010 Pinot Blanc, Rogue Valley • $13.50 (825 cases)

From its rich, buttery aroma to zesty spice in the mid-mouth and a kiss of Clementine orange, this Blanc beauty is engaging throughout. 

Ponzi Vineyards 2009 Pinot Blanc, Willamette Valley • $17 (630 cases)

This fresh, supple variety can take on many different attributes as evidenced in this nicely balanced wine. Grape leaves, cucumber and bread and butter pickles play nicely on the palate, then finish with a sweet note that’s long and lingering. 

Amity Vineyards 2009 Pinot Blanc, Willamette Valley • $20 (1,533 cases)

Temptingly tasty, clean and crisp, intermingled hints of citrus, kiwi, orange peel, star fruit and soy are topped off by a tiny tingle of effervescence. 

Artisanal Wine Cellars 2010 Pinot Blanc, Willamette Valley • $14 (104 cases)

Barrel aging has lent creamy, burnt butter character to a lean, clean wine that further entices with hints of hollandaise and cucumber. 

Wine by Joe 2010 Oregon Pinot Blanc • $14 (878 cases)

Floral notes laced with rosemary lead into a crisp, well-balanced wine that benefits from a touch of oak, a hint of mineral and a distinctive whiff of plantain. 

Chateau Lorane 2010 Quail Run Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, Rogue Valley • $16 (238 cases)

Lots of flavor interest going on here. Hints of wheat grass and banana in the nose introduce a tart, fresh flavor profile marked by citrus, anise and papaya. 

Amity 2009 Croft Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, Willamette Valley • $20 (118 cases)

Darcy Pendergrass’s  Sauvignon Blanc exhibits a varietally classic weedy, wet straw aroma coupled with minerality, citrus and green apple wrapped in a soft, creamy mouthfeel. 

The Oregon Wine Press tasting panel has selected the above wines based on overall quality and value within their respective categories. The above wines have met the following criteria: produced by an Oregon winery; retail price up to $25 per 750 ml bottle for all still table wines except Pinot Noir, which can be up to $30, $25 per 375 ml bottle for dessert wines and $35 for 750 ml sparkling wines. Recommended wines were selected using a double-blind method and a 20-point ranking system for appearance, aroma, taste, balance and finish.

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