Eat, Taste, Love

By Jenni Cossey

Our state is a leader in sustainable living and development, and there is a happy marriage between culture and purpose. This was evident to Lea Duffy, owner and founder of the the Le Puy Inn. To celebrate the sustainable synergy, she and a bevy of local partners have created a series of seasonal events called Eat, Taste, Love.

“Our goal is to demonstrate how like-minded businesses can come together to create a truly luxurious experience while in the pursuit of social, environmental and economic sustainability,” Duffy said. “Our hope is to enrich the lives of all the guests who participate and to highlight the diversity and beauty of the Willamette Valley.”

Activities include excursions to notable wineries and other sustainably focused facilities as well as meals from local chefs and purveyors.

There will be four events during the first year, each themed with a coinciding season.

The first event, Aug. 26–28, titled “Vitality,” will give attendees the opportunity to taste through wines at Soléna Estate and Coeur de Terre wineries, as well as tour the Le Puy and Deer Haven Inns.

The first night’s dinner features Republic of Jam, Oregon Olive Mill, Beroldingen Farm, Carlton Farms, Misty Mountain Mushrooms, The Dark Chocolatier and Rogue Creamery.

The next evening at Deer Haven Inn will feature hostess Monique Dupre of “Sustainable Living on a Budget” and chef Jason Furch of Red Fox Bakery.

Subsequent events throughout the year will offer other unique opportunities and contributors. For more information and a detailed itinerary of their first weekend’s events, or to reserve your space, you can visit or call 503-554-9528.

Cost is $295 per person plus a two-night stay at standard rates in one of Le Puy and Deer Haven’s 10 rooms. 


Summer 2011 - Vitality: Aug. 26–28

Fall 2011 -  Harvest: Oct. 14–16

Winter 2012 - Tranquility: Jan. 27–29

Spring 2012 -  Awakening: April 20–22  

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