Let There Be Light

1. Meyda Tiffany Fluted Wine Bottle Mini Pendant - Uncork an organic lighting design with this fluted wine bottle custom-crafted in the Meyda Hot Shop in upstateNew York. Meyda artisans employ innovative glass blowing techniques in a painstaking process to reshape a wine bottle into this fun pendant. All styles are available in frosted or transparent colored glass: green, blue or clear. $151.20; www.invitinglighting.com

2. Wildflower Organics Wine Barrel Chandelier - Elegantly handcrafted, this six-candle wine barrel chandelier is made from reclaimed French oak barrel staves as well as barrel hoops that have been given a waxed, rust finish. Made and shipped fromAustin,Texas. Also available in eight- and 12-candle versions. $2,390 (15% shipping charge not included); www.wildflowerorganics.com

3. By Gordon Company Wine Bottle Chandelier - Made to order, this chandelier is customizable from size and finish to frame material. Every recycled bottle is hand selected and cut, lending artistic impact and one-of-a-kind detailing. Buyers are encouraged to supply their own bottles for the ultimate one-of-a-kind piece. $600; www.etsy.com/people/bygordoncompany

4. Jerry Kott “Khrysalis” Re-Light - Made from recycled wine bottles, Khrysalis lights have an organic quality with a mystical illumination. Each comes with an 11½-inch-long 40-watt frosted tubular incandescent bulb. Occasionally the filament of the bulb subtlety flutters like a butterfly about to emerge from the chrysalis, thus the name. Available in a variety of bottle colors and configurations (pendants, table lamps and more). Fixture pictured: $450; www.jerrykott.com

5. Ciclus Cavallum Wine Box Lamp - Spanish waste management and consulting firm Grupo Hera asked Ciclus to produce a gift with the theme of turning waste into resources. Ciclus delivered: a wine box that turns into a lamp that turns into recyclable waste. Wine and bulb not included. $51.37 (shipping not included); www.shop.ciclus.com/product/cavallum

6. Wildflower Organics Wine Sphere Chandelier - Elegance meets industrial with these magnificent old-fashioned carboys. Fit with a stainless steel canopy and hung from an adjustable heavy gauge wire, these globes are easy to install and more importantly, affordable. Available in three sizes (small: 20 liters; medium: 34; large: 54). Each requires a standard tubular picture bulb. $299 (and more) (15% shipping charge not included); www.wildflowerorganics.com 

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