Knack for Neat Racks

1. Made by Rail Yard Studios, this wine rack features 16 pieces of rescued rail from the Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company (circa 1908). Two switch plate cuffs provide the feet on the split hickory crosstie. Call 615-752-6030 for price/availability; www.railyardstudios.com

2. Chill Wine Lounge is affordable, fun, and stackable. Mix and match with the following colors: lemon, green apple, blueberry, tomato, tangerine, and teal. $5.97; www.wineracksplansandmore.com

3. Pack&Rack calls it “Vineyard.” OWP calls it sleek, balanced and functional. Available in oak, birch, ash, maple and walnut, these 36-inch-long wine racks are treated with cold-pressed linseed oil. $135; www.packandrack.com

4. Let these fashionable folds cradle your fine wine. Made of recycled metal, Iron Design Company’s wine rack holds up to a half case and is created to appear fluid, as if molded by the wine bottles themselves. $240; www.irondesigncompany.com

5. Don’t get bent out of shape about where to rest your reds. Give this ultra-chic wine rack a try. Made of bent American black walnut, it holds six bottles and is more than functional; it’s a conversation piece. $300; www.etsy.com/shop/tealandgold

6. Artfully display bottles with the Bottle Gallery from Oenophilia. This unique wrought iron rack features removable bottle hangers allow for easy customization. $34.99; www.amazon.com 

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