Sack the Brown Bag

1. Zoties Wine Carrier
2. Duo Wine Carrier
3. Fishnet Wine Tote
4. Baggy Wine Coat
5. Travel Wine Safe
6. Sachi Vino Tote

1. Zoties Wine Carrier Functional and fun, Zoties contain removable divider systems that securely carry bottles, preventing breakage and messy spills. Available in Sunbrella fabric or Monte Carlo leather, these wine totes come in a variety of color combinations. Custom embroidery is available for an extra fee. $75 (canvas); $160 (leather); www.zoties.com

2. Duo Wine Carrier Designed by Gräf & Lantz of L.A., the Duo is made of thick merino felt. The divided chambers protect and insulate your bottles, and the leather handles complete the look and make it comfortable to carry. Available in pistachio, red, charcoal and black. $118; www.grafandlantz.com

3. Fishnet Wine Tote Sex up your wine with Built NY’s latest. The slices in the neoprene give a sneak peek of what you’re carrying and expand to hold your choice of wine. This slinky, comfortable carrier is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. $15; www.builtny.com

4. Baggy Wine Coat Made by Menu and designed by Jakob Wagner, the Baggy Wine Coat fits any 3-liter bag pulled from your favorite box of wine. It also has space for a cooling element or a bag of ice. Available in red, black and white. $69.95; www.emmohome.com

5. Travel Wine Safe Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum with a double-walled, insulated interior, the Travel Wine Safe uses specially engineered closed-cell foam inserts to cradle bottles and ensure a stable environment. Includes a retractable handle, wheels and a guarded latch system. $355 (6 bottles); $435 (9); $455 (12); www.portlandwinegear.com

6. Sachi Vino Tote Insulated and available in a variety of colors and styles, Sachi Vino Totes include an adjustable shoulder strap and a zipper pocket for accessories. The two-bottle tote has a removable divider; the three-bottle bag, a padded removable tray. $23.99 (2-bottle); $26.99 (3-bottle); www.sachi-bags.com 

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