Bottled Up at SOWI

The Southern Oregon Wine Institute at Umpqua Community College received $9,000 worth of donated wine bottles from O-I (formerly Owens-Illinois), the world’s largest glass manufacturer, in mid-November.       

Additionally, the delivery of the bottles from a plant at Fairfield, CA, is being donated to the College, too.       

O-I’s “Best in Glass” outreach programs educates viticulture and enology students about the use of glass bottles in the winemaking process.

Until they are needed, the storage of the bottles is being donated by Danny Lang, a SOWI/UCC benefactor, at a warehouse he owns at the former North River Jet Boats Plant. Lang made the initial gift to the construction of the Lang Teaching, Learning and Event Center at the College, now under construction, and due to be open for fall classes in 2011. 

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