Helioterra Is Here

Formerly employed by Apolloni Vineyards, Anne Ebenreiter Hubatch has struck out on her own to create Helioterra Wines.

The name Helioterra was inspired by the Oregon State gemstone, Heliolite, or sunstone.

“My degree is in geology, and I wanted something that connected my background with Oregon and wines,” Hubatch said. “Literally, helioterra in Greek means sun and land or earth. What a more perfect combination for grape growing?”

Hubatch’s wine is produced at the Portland Wine Project, owned by Grochau Cellars and Boedecker Cellars. Her first production, the 2009 vintage, consists of 273 cases of Pinot Noir and 98 of Syrah. The Pinot will be released this fall, while the Syrah and a 2010 Pinot Blanc will be available the coming spring.

Initially, Hubatch will distribute locally, but she hopes to get some out-of-state distribution. Originally from Wisconsin, she eventually wants to share her label with friends and family back home.

Hubatch also is helping to launch a négociant brand called Guild Winemakers; it is in collaboration with three other winemakers: John Grochau of Grochau Cellars, Vincent Fritzsche of Vincent Wine Company and a silent third partner. The group expects to release its Rhone-style red blend and a Gris-driven white by late August. 

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