Stocking Stuffed with Great Reads

By Hilary Berg, OWP Editor

With December’s arrival, we at the Oregon Wine Press are getting into the holiday spirit.

Our advertising manager, Holly Goodman, is a self-admitted Christmas fanatic. Right after Thanksgiving—and a bit before—she turns up her holiday music, switches on her twinkling lights and tacks her stocking onto her cubical wall in anticipation of the Secret Santa exchange.

It is hard to deny her Christmas cheer, and it has all of us realizing Dec. 25 is fast approaching. Time to go shopping.

If you have yet to cross off any names on your gift-giving list, like me, and you fall between the ages of 21 and 35, like me, you’ll want to read our cover story first (page 16). Bret Bernhoft uncovers what is important to this wine-buying demographic.

According to Bret, they want a good price and an equally good story behind the bottle; and they are most likely perusing the Internet to find all the details.

I admit, I often look for a decent price, and I want the bottle to speak to me. I mean, who doesn’t relish a good story?

Personally, I plan on gifting wine to some of my friends and family, and I definitely want to buy bottles for holiday dinners that now dot my December calendar.

For specific gift ideas, check out the 2009 Grapeful Gift Guide on page 18. It features gift baskets, decanters, jewelry, books and more.

Speaking of books, on page 12, Kerry Newberry reviews “The Ponzi Vineyards Cookbook.” This much-anticipated, newly released collection of recipes by Nancy Ponzi is an inspired gift idea for any â�¨Oregon vinophile and foodie. We’ve included a recipe from the book so you can get a taste of the tome for yourself.

Want more recipes? Take your pick: Honey Crisp Almonds (page 22), Holiday Spanish Paella (page 24) and Chile-Rubbed Pork Loin Chops with Apple Pancakes and Apple Scotch Bonnet Chutney (page 25).

Speaking of food, we have more morsels for you to munch on in this issue.

On page 20, Sara Shaw asks several Portland wine and food professionals for their holiday dish picks and an Oregon wine to match. After reading this, you may be tempted to abandon your own menu at home and make reservations at one of the mentioned hot spots of Portland’s impressive culinary scene.

All this talk of food has my stomach talking, so it is time to end this letter and head on over to Holly’s desk; I know she’ll have some Christmas goodies I can nibble on—and the Tums to follow.

Gotta love the holidays.

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