Evesham Wood Sells

By Wine Press Staff

On July 14, Russ and Mary Raney announced the sale of Evesham Wood to Erin and Jordan Nuccio of Haden Fig Wines. Nuccio is no stranger to Evesham Wood; Russ has been his mentor since 2007.

On the Evesham website, Russ explains his decision.

“After 24 years of a mixture of euphoria and despair (only a little bit of the latter), Mary and I had a golden opportunity to retire early, when we had the great fortune of meeting and working with Erin Nuccio and his wife, Jordan (Haden Fig Wines). The end result is that we were blessed with the perfect candidates to continue the Evesham Wood Vineyard & Winery legacy.”

As of August, the Nuccios will take over Evesham Wood and its estate vineyard, Le Puits Sec.

“Apart from our presence here, virtually nothing will change in the vineyard and cellar. Erin’s and my winemaking and vine-tending philosophies are pretty much identical (especially in regards to organics and irrigation).”

Moving to nearby West Salem, Russ will be available to consult the new owners.

“I’ll be helping Erin and Jordan out for the next two years but that will be the extent of my ‘winemaking activity.’” Russ said. “I certainly won’t be giving up its consumption though!

“Hearing Erin say that ‘nothing will change at Evesham Wood’ is music to my ears. Our philosophies on winemaking and vineyard management are virtually identical.”

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