Let it Flow

Vino & Vinyasa unites the revitalizing practice of yoga with the peaceful environment of the vineyard and winery. Hosted at Left Coast Cellars, July 24 and Aug. 21, and Van Duzer Vineyards, Aug. 7, this summer's relaxing retreats promise guests an invigorating, open-air experience.

Sessions begin with 90 minutes of yoga, followed by a light breakfast, a walking vineyard tour and a four-course vegetarian meal paired with wine. Vino & Vinyasa is geared toward all fitness levels, with hands-on guidance for beginners and challenging asanas, or poses, for the advanced.

Friends since high school in Albany, founders Ivy Hover and Nichole Taylor have maintained a close relationship over the years - both graduated South Albany in 1987.

Taylor, a Yoga Alliance-registered instructor (200-hour level) leads the yoga sessions with over eight years experience in the fitness industry. Hover manages the marketing side of the business with graphic design and public relations in her background.

Taylor and Hover are committed to continuing Vino & Vinyasa's success and remain focused on their company's mission.

 "We bring yoga people to wine, and wine people to yoga," said Hover. "Our mini-retreats create an experience that connects you to wine, winemakers, the grapes, the people who tend them and the land upon which they are grown."

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