Wine Tasting Twitter Tryst

By Wine Press Staff

Saturday, July 15, from 5 to 7 p.m. (PST), wine enthusiasts all over the U.S. and beyond will be tweeting about Oregon's beloved Pinot Noir.

Wineries, wine stores and everyone are encouraged to invite fellow wine lovers to join them in contributing their Pinot Noir tweets to Twitter with the hashtag #PinotNoir. Organizers urge participants to use, or to display all the tweets.

Wine bloggers Tamara Belgard (Sip with Me), Joe Herrig (Suburban Wino) and Ed Thralls (Wine Tonight) have organized this event based on the success of wine blogger Rick Bakas (Back to Bakas) with his #CaliCab event, as well as blogger Josh Wade (Drink Nectar) and his #WAMerlot and #WAWine events.

Particpants during the event can vote for their favorite region by adding another two-character hashtag after #PinotNoir. Some notables include: #WV (Willamette Valley); #RR (Russian River Valley); #CN (Carneros); #SB (Santa Barbara); #SN (Sonoma Coast); #MN (Mendocino); #BU (Burgundy); #NZ (New Zealand); or make up your own hashtag for any other Pinot region. For example, if you are drinking a Pinot from Willamette Valley, simply tag the end of your tweets with #PinotNoir #WV.

Organizers will count the votes and award the winning region its deserved bragging rights.

Visit for more information and to find out how easy it is to get started. Feel free to contact any of the organizers if you have questions. The event is free and all participants need is Pinot Noir wine and Twitter. 


#PinotNoir Twitter Tasting


Date/Time: July 15, 5-7 p.m.


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