Oregon Wine Awards

The results are in for the 2010 Oregon Wine Awards. A panel of respected local wine professionals, buyers, writers and sommeliers tasted and evaluated hundreds of Oregon wines in a single-blind format - grape variety or wine style is known, but not the price nor producer - and awarded the following wines:


DG: 08 Emerson, WV

DG: 07 King Estate, Signature, OR

DG: 06 Pheasant Valley, CG

G: 08 Luminous Hills, Seven of Hearts, YC

G: 08 Pudding River, WV

G: 07 Rex Hill, WV

S: 08 Pudding River, Stainless Steel Fermented, WV

S: 07 Stoller, SV, DH


DG: 08 Capitello, Dolcino Gewürztraminer Glacier, OR

DG: 07 King Estate, Pinot Gris Vin de Glace, OR

G: 08 Troon, Insomnia Port, AV


G: 08 Willamette Valley, WV

S: 08 Henry Estate, Select Harvest, UV

B: 08 Holloran, Le Pavillon Vineyard, WV


G: NV Capitello, Brut, OR

G: 09 Cuckoo's Nest, Fizzé Early Muscat, OR

G: Willamette Valley, Tualatin Estate Muscat, WV

White Bordeaux Style

OUTSTANDING: 09 Capitello, Walnut Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, WV

OUTSTANDING: 09 Spangler, Sauvignon Blanc, SO

White Varietal

G: 07 Anne Amie, Prisimé Pinot Blanc, WV

S: 08 Anne Amie, Cuvée Müller-Thurgau, WV

S: 08 Henry Estate, Müller-Thurgau, UV

S: 08 Julianna, Chenin Blanc, UV

White Blend

S: 08 Cuckoo's Nest, Aromatique, OR

S: 09 Troon, Druids Fluid, OR


S: 08 J. Scott, RV

S: 08 Pudding River, WV

B: 07 Daisy Creek, RV

B: 08 Domino IV, A Gate Swung Open, OR

Pinot Gris

DG: 08 A to Z, OR

DG: 08 Cuckoo's Nest, OR

G: 08 Anne Amie, WV

G: 08 King Estate, Acrobat, OR

G: 08 King Estate, Signature, OR

G: 09 Lumos, Rudolfo, WV

G: 09 Lumos, Temperance Hill, WV

G: 08 Misty Oaks, Julios Hill, UV

G: 09 Van Duzer, Estate, WV

S: 09 Capitello, WV

S: 08 Coeur de Terre, WV

S: 08 Duck Pond, WV

S: 08 Erath, OR

S: 08 King Estate, Domaine, OR

S: 08 Soléna, OR

B: 08 Kathken, EA

B: 08 Melrose, UV

B: 08 Methven, WV


OUTSTANDING: 08 A to Z Wineworks, OR

Cabernet Sauvignon

DG: 07 J. Scott, RV

DG: 06 Troon, Reserve, AV

G: 07 Don Carlo, WW

S: 06 Flying Dutchman, UV

S: 07 Flying Dutchman, RV

S: 07 Griffin Creek, RV

S: 07 Spangler, SO

S: 06 Troon, Kubli, AV

B: 07 Silvan Ridge, RV


DG: 06 Dominio IV, Purple Flower, CG

DG: 06 Spangler, SO

G: 07 Griffin Creek, RV

G: 07 Henry Estate, UV

G: 06 Pheasant Valley, CV

G: 06 Quady North, 4-2-A, RV

S: 07 Delfino, UV

B: 07 Quady North, Sams Valley Vineyard, RV

B: 08 Reustle Prayer Rock, UV


G: 07 Griffin Creek, RV

G: 07 Watermill, WW

S: 07 Don Carlo, WW

S: 07 Henry Estate, Estate, UV

S: 06 Melrose, Estate, UV

B: 07 Arcane, Seven Hills, WW

Red Bordeaux Style

DG: 04 EdenVale, Heritage Red, RV

G: 07 Misty Oaks, Gobbler's Knob, UV

S: 05 Trium, Grower's Cuvée, RV

S: 05 Troon, Old Vine Meritage, AV

Red Blend • $20.00 and under

DG: 07 A to Z, Night & Day, OR

G: 07 A to Z, Chemin de Terre," OR

G: 07 Henry Estate, Henry V, UV

S: 06 Melrose, Equinox Red Blend, UV

Red Varietal • $20.01-$35.00

DG: 07 Quady North, Cabernet Franc, AV

DG: 08 Reustle Prayer Rock, Tempranillo Reserve, UV

DG: 08 Troon, Zinfandel Reserve, AV

G: 05 Domino IV, Midnight Skies Tempranillo, CG

G: 08 Spangler, Cabernet Franc, SO

G: 08 Troon, Kubli Zinfandel, AV

G: 07 Watermill, Cabernet Franc, WW

S: 05 Domino IV, Midnight Skies Tempranillo, CG

S: 08 Piluso, Marechal Foch, WV

S: 08 Reustle Prayer Rock, Tempranillo, UV

S: 07 Spangler, Petite Sirah, SO

Pinot Noir • $20.00 and under

DG: 08 Duck Pond, WV

G: 08 Coeur de Terre, MC

G: 06 Eugene Wine Cellars, B2, WV

G: 08 Illahe, WV

G: 08 King Estate, Acrobat, OR

S: 08 Amity, WV

S: 08 A to Z, OR

S: 08 Carlton Cellars, Seven Devils, WV

S: 07 Christopher Bridge, WV

S: 08 Erath Winery, OR

S: 08 Henry Estate, OR

S: 06 King Estate, next:, OR

S: 07 Melrose, Vintage Select, UV

S: 08 Spindrift, WV

S: 08 Van Duzer, Vintner's Cuvée, WV

B: 08 Stangeland, WV

Pinot Noir • $20.01-$35.00

DG: 07 Amalie Robert, Vintage Debut, WV

DG: 06 Henry Estate, Barrel Select, UV

DG: 08 Luminous Hills, Crawford Beck Vineyard, EA

DG: 08 Luminous Hills, Seven of Hearts, EA

DG: 07 Piluso, WV

G: 07 Anne Amie, Cuvée A, WV

G: 07 Artisanal, Jubilee, WV

G: 08 Benton-Lane, Estate, WV

G: 08 Capitello, WV

G: 07 Methven, Estate Cuvée, EA

G: 06 Pudding River, WV

G: 08 Piluso, WV

G: 07 Rex Hill, WV

G: 08 Soléna, Grand Cuvée, WV

S: 08 ArborBrook, Heritage Cuvée, WV

S: 08 King Estate, Signature, OR

S: 08 Reustle Prayer Rock, UV

S: 07 Stoller, JV, DH

S: 06 Tyee, Estate Barrel Select, WV

B: 07 Barking Frog, Bailey, CM

B: 08 Et Fille, WV

B: 07 Et Fille, Nicholas, CM

B: 08 Luminous Hills, LUX Estate Grown, YC

Pinot Noir • $35.01 and over

DG: 07 Amalie Robert, Amalie's Cuvée, WV

DG: 07 Amalie Robert, Estate, WV

DG: 08 Archery Summit, Renegade Ridge Estate, DH

DG: 07 Retour, WV

DG: 06 Stangeland, Estate, EA

DG: 06 Stangeland, Winemaker Reserve, EA

DG: 08 Torii Mor, Dundee Hills Select, DH

G: 08 Archery Summit, Arcus Estate, DH

G: 08 Archery Summit, Premier Cuvée, WV

G: 08 Benton-Lane, First-Class, WV

G: 07 Bishop Creek Cellars, Whole Cluster, YC

G: 08 Bishop Creek, Valois Reserve, YC

G: 07 Carlton Hill, Estate Reserve, YC

G: 08 Coeur de Terre, MC

G: 07 Erath, Battle Creek, WV

G: 07 Erath, Leland Vineyard, WV

G: 08 Et Fille, Kalita, WV

G: 04 Henry Estate, Winemaker's Reserve, YC

G: 08 Quailhurst, Alexis Reserve, CM

G: 06 Rizzo, Reserve, EA

G: 06 Stoller, SV, DH

G: 07 Stoller, SV, DH

G: 07 Methven, Reserve, WV

G: 07 Willamette Valley, Elton, WV

G: 07 Willamette Valley, Tualatin, WV

G: 06 Stoller, Cathy's Reserve, DH

G: 07 Utopia, Estate, RR

G: 07 Willamette Valley, Hannah, WV

G: 07 Willamette Valley, Signature Cuvée, WV

S: 08 ArborBrook, Estate 777 Block, CM

S: 06 Carlton Hill, Estate, YC

S: 08 Carlton Cellars, Roads End, WV

S: 08 Et Fille, Maresh Vineyard, DH

B: 08 Blakeslee, Estate, CM

B: 08 Reustle Prayer Rock, Reserve, UV

B: 06 Rex Hill, Reserve, WV


DG: Double-Gold

G: Gold

S: Silver

B: Bronze

AV: Applegate Valley

CG: Columbia Gorge

CV: Columbia Valley

DH: Dundee Hills

EA: Eola-Amity Hills

MC: McMinnville

OR: Oregon

RR: Ribbon Ridge

RV: Rogue Valley

SO: Southern Oregon

UV: Umpqua Valley

WV: Willamette Valley

WW: Walla Walla Valley

YC: Yamhill-Carlton District

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