Dungeness Crab Cakes and Tomato Dill Soup

Recipe by Virginia Murphy of Café Uncorked NEAR McMinnville

The café was built around our crab cakes. For 15 years, they have been our leading seller." -Virginia Murphy, Café Uncorked owner

Crab Cakes


2          pounds fresh Dungeness crab
½         diced medium yellow onion
3          shakes of Tabasco
¾         cup of mayonnaise
¾         cup of panko bread crumbs
1          egg
*          oil
*          lemon (for ganish)

1. Combine all ingredients, except lemon, in bowl and mix thoroughly. Form 8 to 10 crab cakes. Coat each crab cake with dry panko. 2. Place in heated pan of oil and fry to golden brown. Serve with lemon.

Tomato Dill Soup

1          yellow onion, diced
1          cup butter
8          cups crushed tomatoes
4          tablespoons dill
8          quarts vegetable broth
1          cup butter
1          cup flour
*          heavy cream (splash to thicken)

1. Sauté yellow onion in butter. Add tomatoes, dill and broth. Bring to a simmer. 2. Make 1 cup roux by whisking together 1 cup butter and 1 cup flour over low heat and stir into soup. 3. To thicken soup, add hint of cream.

Coleman Pinot Gris or Ransom Riesling 


At Café Uncorked, owner Virginia Murphy strives to provide a pleasant dining experience, with an atmosphere designed around award-winning vineyards. Guests can dine inside where art abounds or - if weather permits - al fresco with a view of beautiful gardens and outdoor sculpture.

The food is expertly prepared by hand from the freshest ingredients, highlighting the natural flavors of the Pacific Northwest, and the wine list showcases local boutique wines.

"The café has been a true labor of love, with the sole purpose of creating a joyful dining or catering experience," says Murphy. "Café Uncorked story began with a family who needed a catering kitchen and has developed into a meaningful, enriching business."

Café Uncorked is located at 19690 S.W. Highway 18, Bellevue, Ore. For more information or reservations, call 503-843-4401. 

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