## Photo provided by Valley View Orchard

Ripe for the Picking

Reap summer’s bounty by visiting a u-pick farm

Valley View Orchard
While visiting Ashland, discover a 50-acre organic orchard. Valley View lives up to its name and sells both u-pick and picked-to-order fruit. Cherries open the season, followed closely by apricots. As summer advances, watch for ripe peaches, apples and pears. Book an appointment to sample wine since it’s also home to Long Walk Vineyard.
1800 N. Valley View Rd., Ashland

MoonRidge Farms
Visit MoonRidge Farms for certified organic u-pick blueberries and lavender (English and French). Growing several varieties of blueberries, including Earliblue, Spartan, Nui, Bluecrop and Darrow, the 40-acre farm has fruit throughout the summer, satisfying your craving for fresh berries. And it’s a mere 35-minute drive from Portland.
25113 S. Ridge Rd., Beavercreek

Draper Girls Country Farm
Clearly, the Columbia Gorge is synonymous with delicious summer fruits. Established in the early ‘60s, a third generation of Draper women operate their family orchard and farm. The season opens with cherries, available now. Later this summer, expect peaches, nectarines and apples, with pears and pumpkins ripening in the fall. Be sure to sample their non-alcoholic and hard ciders during your visit.
6200 Hwy. 35 Mount Hood, Parkdale

Brosi Sugartree Farms
Fifteen minutes south of Roseburg, Brosi’s grows abundant fruits and vegetables, many available for picking. Strawberries, blueberries and cherries are ripe now, with peaches, summer squash, plums, cucumbers and beans when the days grow warmer and longer. Tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and corn are peak summer bounty, followed by pears, prunes and apples.
540 Winston Section Rd., Winston


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