Punch Up Your Cocktails

Add these Portland-made ingredients to your next beverage

Hot Mama Salsa Roasted Carrot Habanero Hot Sauce
Prefer your Bloody Marys spicy? Add some unique flavor– and heat– with this hot sauce. Roasted carrots play well with tomato juice and habanero chili peppers will have you moving faster than an espresso. Warning: use caution to avoid making your drink too spicy.
$10 (9 ounces)

Bitterman Salt Co. Rosemary Flake Salt
For centuries, Italians have combined tomatoes with rosemary. Why not ditch the traditional kosher salt-rimmed Bloody Mary in favor of one with rosemary salt? I encourage you to elevate your boozy weekend beverage with savory, herbaceous notes. This Pacific Northwest rosemary-infused, hand-harvested Mediterranean Sea salt is also amazing on potatoes and other vegetables.
$8 (0.9 ounces)

Bitterman Salt Co. Lemon Flake Sea Salt
If you prefer margaritas with salt, next time try this lemon-infused flavor. It just might change your life! I like to break down the large, hand-harvested lemony flakes and combine with kosher salt for a white and yellow-speckled salted rim. In fact, I travel with this mix, to guarantee delicious margaritas no matter where I am. (It’s superb on fish as well as spring and summer vegetables, too.)
$31 (3.9 ounces)

The Bitter Housewife Orange Bitters
I originally believed the classic, fresh juice margarita was sublime… until a bartender served me one with a dash of bitters. While I have tried many brands and flavors, the Bitter Housewife orange bitters add unique, unusual character and depth. Must be the fact that they use a full navel orange peel– along with baking spices and Earl Grey tea– in each bottle.
$17 (3.4 ounces)

Portland Syrups Beverage Mixers Sampler Pack Trio
In many bars, syrups add concentrated flavors to drinks of all kinds. They are secret weapons of sorts. Combine Authentic Ginger syrup with sparkling water for a low-sugar ginger ale. Add some vodka for a Moscow Mule or instead make it a whiskey ginger. Unleash your creativity! The Portland syrups trio sampler pack provides plenty of flavor options.
$15 (Three 3.4-ounce bottles)

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