Expanding the Borders of Collaboration

With great power comes great responsibility

##Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

By Michele Francisco

I’m still reminiscing about last month’s Oregon Wine Symposium. The event brings together wine industry professionals to learn, collaborate and network. Each year, I look forward to seeing old friends as well as meeting new people. Once again, I enjoyed many interesting conversations. All reminded me of the many passionate individuals collectively working toward the common goal of maintaining Oregon wine’s high standards.

How interesting to meet several attendees from neighboring states’ wine regions, all seeking to learn from us. That’s right, over the last 50 years, Oregon has earned a reputation of respect. We now have a new responsibility: our position has evolved from mentee to mentor.

What a thrilling time! How will we behave? Much like older siblings are expected to be the example for younger kids, Oregon wine is now considered a model worth emulating. How can our experiences best serve those following us?

It’s well-known that Oregon fosters a belief that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” We now have the exciting opportunity to extend this optimism beyond our borders. It reminds me of the aphorism– made popular again by Spider-Man: with great power comes great responsibility.

As wine lovers and magazine readers, I’d love to hear your opinions on this transition. What should our industry consider as we teach and share both our individual and collective knowledge? Email me your thoughts:

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