Go With Your Own Flow

How inspiration has me committing to dreams postponed


A life well-lived… When I evaluate mine, I acknowledge I’ve squandered many opportunities. My father’s recent death provided me with a new perspective, the way life-altering events have a way of doing.

I recently made a commitment to follow more of my dreams, the ones I’ve been postponing for the proverbial rainy day. Many situations motivate people to change course. Almost daily, I read stories about those who, after assessing their lives, decide to follow their passion for wine. They realized their circumstances were no longer fulfilling and chose to reach for their dreams, no matter how seemingly unattainable at the time. These people inspire me.

Lately, I’ve encountered some significant impediments. However, when I’m on the edge of giving up, suddenly, new opportunities arise, sometimes within hours. Am I manifesting them? I’m learning to keep an open mind and confront issues directly– rather than be mired in defeat. Doing so appears to diminish their power, making each lesser. With every encounter, I feel stronger.

Now, more than ever, I am motivated to emulate those I admire. Obstacles be damned– I envision myself like water running downstream. Rock in the way? Dodge it and continue on my chosen path.

I feel immensely grateful for the inspiration of others. Their tough decisions– and subsequent successes– boost my confidence. I applaud these efforts and hope to live by the examples set. Courageous actions seldom go unnoticed.

When you meet people passionate about Oregon wine, understand their stories. I hope they encourage and move you, too. As for me, I plan to continue practicing perseverance; celebrating victories large and small as I flow downstream.

Michele Francisco spent her childhood reading and writing, eventually graduating from UCLA with an English degree. She attended graphic design school and began a career in design and marketing. After moving to Oregon in 2010, Michele studied wine at Chemeketa Community College and began Winerabble, a Northwest-focused wine blog. She has been a cheerleader for Oregon wine since her arrival.

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