Cheese in the Wild

A guide to cheese picnics in Oregon wine country

##Photo by Mélodie Picard

By Mélodie Picard, The Oregon Cheese Cave

Summer is finally here! With the heat and sunshine comes thirst. Thirst for hikes, rivers and wine! With a side of cheese, of course.

Many of our Oregon wineries are quite scenic and offer wonderful foods made by chefs and tasting rooms staff. Some even host local food trucks. However, if you need to bring your own, I recommend packing a cheese picnic box.

While you can create your own, a cheesemonger can help you find unique and local pairings. They can even put it together for you like I do for many folk on their outdoorsy way to wineries, private events, a friend’s house or their own backyard.

Cheese loves wine by the glass, the bottle but also growlers. Consider canned wine from Mermosa Wines, produced at Chateau Bianca Winery in Dallas or Applegate Valley’s Quady North with their ammo boxed wine. Cheese is an easy travel companion on hikes, park outings, river and pool-side fun. One could eat a whole cheese dinner when camping with smoked cheddar, raclette melted on hotdogs.

Tips for a Cheese Picnic Box:

At least three cheese, pre-portioned in a to-go container in a little cooler with ice pack

Accompaniments in cup or jars

Crackers or bread (pre-sliced)

Utensils and napkins


Don’t forget a board, platter or lunchbox to serve them on

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