Chill Out

Gadgets to keep your wine cool

Marble chiller

For an elegant– and natural– look, follow the example set by the French and Italians, use a marble chiller. If you need to keep a bottle cool for more than a couple hours, refrigerate or freeze the marble chiller beforehand. Frosty marble remains cold considerably longer, while dispersing cold to the bottle within. This technique works well on extremely hot days too. However, marble is both heavy and breakable so, if you’re traveling, choose something less fragile and lightweight.
$40, www.crateandbarrel.com

Huski wine cooler

Need wine that stays cool for hours? Choose a Huski cooler. Constructed with double-walled insulation combined with internal copper plating, it keeps a bottle straight out of the refrigerator cold for three hours– and chilled for six. The adjustable lid fits most 750ml wine bottles, including sparkling. The unique design eliminates exterior condensation so tables and hands stay dry. Durable and stylish, this cooler, in several colors, is easy to toss in a bag for your next excursion.
$89, www.huskicoolers.com

Wine stick

Consisting of a stainless-steel rod with a pour spout at the other end, freeze wine sticks before use. Once you’ve opened the wine, first pour some wine into a glass, then slide the chilled stick into the bottle. This technique prevents any displaced wine from spilling when the rod is inserted. A wine stick’s frozen rod keeps the wine cool and the spout makes pouring easy straight from the bottle without removing the stick. Wine sticks are a low-cost choice, although not portable without a wine stopper.
$21, www.target.com

Wine sleeve

As an inexpensive option, wine sleeves contain slim, gel-filled packs you freeze before using. When you want to keep wine chilled, pop it on top of the bottle, neck exposed and body nestled in its cool sleeve. They are excellent when heading to a dinner party, barbecue or picnic, keeping the bottle cool during transport. Handy and compact, wine sleeves are most useful when stored in the freezer, ready to slip over a chilled bottle. Order a couple and easily replace a warm sleeve with a cool one.
$28, www.lecreuset.com


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