A is for Authentic

Oregon wineries keep it real



Frequently a buzzword in marketing, authenticity, we are taught, is essential to a successful brand. It’s been on my mind lately. I find it ironic that society must be reminded to act genuine and real. In this era of pervasive social media, I suppose it may serve as a decent reminder, especially when scrolling through your Instagram feed.

How did we arrive at this place? One where companies look too spit-shined and glossy to feel authentic. Perhaps it’s due to many corporations swelling ever larger as they inhale small mom and pops, losing more of their identity with each new acquisition?

Regardless of the reason, I don’t believe Oregon wineries have strayed too far from their true identity to be nudged back. The culture in our state nurtures– even rewards– those remaining true to themselves. Did this attitude start with the pioneers? Anyone willing to trek through unknown terrain and face dangerous adversities head-on is certainly genuine in my book.

People working in the state’s wine industry feel passionate about what they do. Theirs appear more than just a job, but rather a calling. I’ve heard countless stories of lives transformed after enjoying a bottle of Oregon wine, many even moving from other states to join our grape-slinging ranks. Upending your life after sampling what some consider a magical elixir… unquestionably, it can’t get more real. I understand this scenario well; I am part of this ever-growing contingency.

We are faithful– some might say driven– to live an honest, unpretentious life. It might surprise you to learn the majority of Oregon wineries are small businesses. Owners are often winemakers, along with additionally filling the roles of dishwasher, janitor and salesperson. With all these pressing responsibilities, they don’t have time to act arrogant or pretend to be someone they’re not.

Besides, pretentious manners have no place in our nature. Visitors to our many tasting rooms can expect an “authentic” experience, primarily because we know no other way. From an open bottle, honesty and sincerity, along with good wine, fill your glass.

I encourage you to bask in the authenticity of our wine industry. Embrace what makes our individual wineries unique and real. Oregon’s originality and truth exist within every bottle of wine produced. We did, in fact, figure out a way to bottle our authenticity.

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