Learn Winemaking, Vineyard Care at CCC Spring Classes


Chemeketa Community College officials are inviting students to enroll in its spring term courses related to vineyard management and winemaking.  For more information about each course, check out the website at Registration begins March 15 at, or by calling 503-399-5139 or 503-589-7946. Spring term runs from March 29 through June 11.

Courses include: General Viticulture, $210 plus $74 fee; Spring Vineyard Practices, $280 plus $43 fee; Soil and Plant Nutrition, $280 plus $113 fee; Wine Appreciation, $210 plus $119 fee; Introduction to Wine Marketing, $210 plus $40 fee; Science of Winemaking, $210 plus $24 fee; Sensory Evaluation of Wine, $210 plus $119 fee; Wine Aging, Filtration and Bottling, $280 plus $58 fee; Wine Industry Business Management, $210 plus $24 fee; Chemical Methods for Analysis of Musts and Wines, $210 plus $21 fee; Wine Marketing 3: Assessing and Targeting the Market, $280 plus $48 fee.


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