Canopy Covers It All

By Wine Press Staff

During times of economic recovery, many businesses are looking for valuable advice on how to keep their doors open and their books in the black.

Wine-related businesses in the Pacific Northwest resolving to revisit or launch sales and marketing strategies in 2010 now have a versatile resource through the newly formed Canopy Wine Marketing Network (CWMN).

This unique referral and support collaboration among eight independent wine industry experts is a flexible resource encompassing every aspect of marketing, from winery to table. 

With a full menu of services, CWMN clients can select areas of individual focus from any one of eight independent consultants: Claudia Bowers, Pravia Wines & Events; Amy Hall, Grow Creative; Carrie Higgins, Crush Creative Packaging; Dixie Huey, Trellis Wine Consulting; Andrea Johnson, Andrea Johnson Photography; Leah Jorgensen, Leah Jorgensen Consulting; Sheila Nicholas, Nicholas Communications; and Cara Pepper Day, Cara Pepper Day Consulting.

As a network, CWMN members share over 100 years of industry experience, covering all aspects of sales and distribution, brand identity, marketing, business plans, strategies, communications, graphic design, photography, multi-media and video production, printing, packaging, special events and focus development.

As independent business owners, CWMN members are individually available to support or supplement a client’s existing staff. Customized services are offered both as short-term projects or in-depth fully integrated retainer basis.

“Canopy is the natural evolution for a group of friends—each a leader in her respective field—who meet regularly to focus on the rapidly changing world of marketing and communications trends, as well as opportunities and challenges,” said Hall, the group’s initiator. “Over the past year, we successfully collaborated on multiple projects at differing levels and stages of development and now look forward to introducing our services to the industry on a more formal basis.” 

Co-founder Nicholas added: “In today’s economy, ongoing marketing support is essential and our connection to the industry is unparalleled. We share a knowledge base and professional alliance that gives us unprecedented depth of experience. Between us, we’ve worked with clients producing anywhere from 200 to 2 million cases. There’s no scenario that one of us hasn’t faced, or one we can’t navigate. A client who hires any one of us benefits from the combined input of all.”

CWMN will be introduced at the Oregon Wine Symposium, Feb. 21–23, Eugene.

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