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What’s your all-time favorite food? Name a wine to pair with it.

“Mussels. Bistro Maison makes the best mussels around. We (Anne Amie) did an event years ago titled “Tour des Moules.” It was exactly like the Tour de France, but involved eating moules and drinking wine — O.K., so it vaguely resembled the Tour de France. But, we were on bikes. It was a progressive dinner through Portland featuring a different wine at each restaurant paired with… you guessed it, moules. The verdict? Moules are incredibly versatile, and the preparation can shift them from the white wine realm to the red wine realm, or vice-versa. But, if you were to ask me my favorite pairing it would be Bistro Maison moules provencales with rosé. Any rosé. Bubbles included. But, my favorite rosé right now — that isn’t from Provence — is Anne Amie Huntington Hill Pinot Gris Rosé. Mmmmmmmmoules.”

Thomas Houseman
Anne Amie Vineyards


“Kumamoto oysters and Pinot Blanc or Kumamoto oysters Rockefeller with Chardonnay — no ML (malolactic fermentation), no wood.”

Pat Burns
Foris Wine


“Medallions of lamb carved from thick, grass-fed Oregon lamb loin chops, pounded lightly, tied neatly, seasoned and pan-seared in butter or grapeseed oil to medium-rare-ish. Plate a purée of root vegetables atop and drape with a reduction, which could include shallots, balsamic, rosemary, etc. Pair with JAXON Vineyards 2012 Rogue Valley Syrah for a luscious experience.”

Katherine McCleary
JAXON Vineyards


“Sushi paired with Sauvignon Blanc or Albariño.”

Craig Leuthold
Maryhill Winery


“Tri-tip steak grilled over old grapevines, cut on the bias just before serving, drizzled with olive oil and warmed lemon juice, and served with asparagus and roasted rosemary red potatoes. Pair it with our Pfeiffer Vineyards 2009 Blue Dot Reserve Pinot Noir.” 

Danuta Pfeiffer
Pfeiffer Vineyards


“Nordic fish boards and smørrebrøds. I love oily trout and mackerel — my favorite fish. Smoked trout, especially, with crème fraîche, pickled red onion, pickled asparagus and hard-boiled egg is perfection. I love the open sandwiches called smørrebrøds in Denmark, where my great-grandparents were born. A traditional smørrebrød would have buttered rye bread (gluten-free for me), smoked fish and a variety of accompaniments — shrimp, a thin slice of lemon, fresh dill, fennel — to create a beautiful, savory plate. Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley or my own signature Southern Oregon Cab Franc called “Loiregon” pairs beautifully with smoked fish, especially trout. The wines’ often sweet tobacco, pipe smoke and cigar box notes have a natural affinity for the smokiness of the fish.”

Leah Jorgensen
Leah Jørgensen Cellars


“Mac ’n’ cheese. Not the kind in a box, of course, but the crazy baked stuff my wife, Dana, makes with a different, interesting pasta, depending on the mood, various cheeses, fresh garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and who knows what-not. I almost always pair it with Nebbiolo, usually Barolo or Barbaresco, but Seven of Hearts, Cana’s Feast or Apolloni Nebbiolo all work quite nicely as well.”

Byron Dooley
Seven of Hearts/Luminous Hills

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