Say What?

What is the most unique green practice you use at the winery or in the vineyard?

“Vidon Vineyard, located in the Chehalem Mountain AVA, eliminated considerable consumption of paper product usage by cellaring on site wines in large metal cage bins. Wines are laid down in neat rows between thin pieces of insulation to protect the bottles and are pulled from the bins to restock as needed. The sustainable practice helps keep down operation costs. Wines are instead delivered to consumers in reusable fabric bags.”

Brandy Grey, Vidon Vineyard


“Willamette Valley Vineyards loves biodiesel! In 2005, Founder Jim Bernau launched the employee biodiesel program, offering 50 gallons of biodiesel a month to each employee, at no cost. Many employees use the program as a renewable substitute for petroleum diesel to improve air quality and the environment. All of our delivery vehicles and vineyard tractors run off biodiesel as well.”

Christine Collier, Willamette Valley Vineyards


“One of the problems with fermentation is what to do with the considerable amount of CO2 produced — as a matter of procedure and safety in winery operations, CO2 is pumped directly into the atmosphere, thus contributing to the greenhouse gas problem.

At TeSoAria, we ferment in an air-tight, temperature-controlled cold room. This year, we will be evacuating all of our CO2 into a greenhouse, thus allowing the plants to “scrub” the CO2 — The greenhouse will be planted by my chef with fruits and veggies that will then be used on the menu in my tasting room in Portland.”

John Olson, TeSoAria Winery


“I let our llamas de-leaf the vines in our vineyard just prior to picking. The fruit becomes easier to pick and the llamas generate plant food for the next crop.”

Will Wright, Coos River Vineyards


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