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What is the most memorable winery concert/performance you've ever attended?

“The Love Song Project” was a rapturously beautiful evening of music at MarshAnne Landing Winery with a cellist, pianist and soprano visiting on a grant from the Portuguese government. The “Project” highlighted the composition and poetry of Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian artists. The beautiful gallery at MarshAnne Landing was the stage; the audience was spellbound; the music passionate; and goose bumps seemed to be the norm for the evening. The words were foreign and the music unfamiliar, but the language of love was in everyone’s eyes and hearts. True magic. Bravo!

Greg Cramer
MarshAnne Landing Winery


Over the past 15 years at Kathken, we have hired many bands and been proactive in the Northwest music scene during our spring/summer music series. We have averaged 20 per season, ending with our St. Thomas Jazz Fest to help CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). The most enjoyable concert was on Aug. 1, 2014, with The Ty Curtis Band. It was a very special show; it was the CD release party for "Water under the Bridge," which was a hugely successful album. Lights and a sound system were brought in especially for the show. The night was beautiful for the sold-out enthusiast crowd. In more than 200-plus shows, this one was the best.

Ken Slusser
Kathken Vineyards


We have had wonderful Latin salsa bands through the years, and just recently for Memorial Day Weekend, Pura Vida and Conjunto Alegre gave wonderful performances; the folks loved it.

A few years ago, we experimented with an al fresco performance from Cuban American artist/actor Jorge “Jay” Alvarez. He performed his own play, “Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You,” which tells the story of Jay’s young departure from Cuba with his family in a small boat, [along with] their doubts, their fears and their exhilaration of reaching the U.S. [The performance] was a fabulous success, and even as I write of it, tears come to me from the emotion and power felt by all who attended.

Mauricio Collada Jr. MD
Cubanisimo Vineyards


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