Lawrence Gallery opens space for wine entrepreneur

A new opportunity to promote and sell wine in Oregon has just become available.  Signe Lawrence, Lawrence Gallery located on Highway 18 south of McMinnville, announced they are now offering space inside the gallery for rent to a wine entrepreneur. 

“We’ve been using the wine room for tasting and special events at the gallery,” Signe states, “but people keep asking for a wine shop, so we’ve decided to give wine makers the opportunity to feature their wine and others in a shop that caters to sophisticated wine buyers.”  For more than twenty years in the past, a wine shop operated very successfully in the gallery.

The gallery was opened in 1977and has become a destination in itself along with the Barrel 18 restaurant, Fire’s Eye Gallery and Liquid Light Glass across the street.  The four businesses also draw in tourist traffic on the way to the casino and Lincoln City.  Expose your business to thousands of people every day driving on Highway 18, the second busiest highway in Oregon. 

The wine room is fully equipped including a custom oak wine tasting bar with seating, wine cooler, commercial refrigerator and dishwasher, small appliances and storage space.  Entry is available from inside the gallery through French doors and also through a private courtyard with water features and fine art sculpture.

“We’re offering attractive terms to rent the 18 ½’ x 28 ½’ space,” Signe states.  “The combination of fine art, fine wine, and fine food is appealing to our clientele.  Because the space is turnkey, we anticipate the new shop can be up and going in time to take advantage of the busiest season of the year.”

The wine shop business will benefit from special events held at the gallery.  For example, on April 11, Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici, a member of the well-known de’ Medici family of Italy, will arrive at the gallery. An interesting, charismatic man, he will give short talks at 2:00 and 3:00 on Saturday about his own paintings.  The theme of his artwork is based on members of his famous family which includes four popes, two queens and patrons of artists such as Michelangelo and Bottecilli.  The prince will also display a painting of Jesus by da Vinci.

For more information, call 503-437-4038. 

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