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Sunset at Cannon Beach.

Sixty-one gold medals were awarded to Northwest wines at the 2013 SavorNW Wine Awards in February. The single-blind judging of Northwest wines was conducted Feb. 26 and 27 in Cannon Beach, with two panels of professional judges tasting over 360 wines from Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Idaho. 

Washington’s Smasne Cellars was the top winery, claiming six gold medals.  Find silver and bronze winners online at

Double-Gold and Gold Winners

Cabernet Franc
Double-Gold & Best of Class: Walla Walla Vintners 2010 CV
Gold: Zebra Cellars 2010 WW OR

Cabernet Sauvignon
Double-Gold & Best of Class:  Sinclair Estate Vineyards 2009 CV
Gold: Desert Wind Winery 2010 WS
Gold: Double Canyon Vineyards 2010 HHH
Gold: Skylite Cellars 2008 Reserve WW
Gold: Smasne Cellars 2009 Old Vine Snipes Mountain
Gold: Watermill Winery 2009 WW

Gold: Mt. Lehman 2010 Barrel Fermented Fraser Valley BC

Dessert Wines
Double-Gold & Best of Class:  Capitello Wines 2010 Dolcino Oregon
Double-Gold & Best of Class:  Smasne Cellars 2010 Icewine Snipes Mountain
Double-Gold: Maison De Glace Winery 2011 Roussanne CG
Gold: Woodriver Cellars NV Dessert Red SR

Gold: Del Rio Vineyards 2006 Port RV

Double-Gold & Best of Class: Hip Chicks do Wine 2008 CV
Gold: Bergevin Lane 2010 Dreamweaver WS

Double-Gold & Best of Class: Tamarack Cellars 2009 CV
Double-Gold: Desert Wind Winery 2010 WS
Double-Gold: Walla Walla Vintners 2010 WW
Gold: Abacela Winery 2009 UV
Gold: The Woodhouse Wine Estates 2007 Maghee RSH

Other Red Varietals
Gold: Smasne Cellars 2009 Carmenere Horse HHH
Gold: Wind Rose Cellars 2011 Dolcetto CV

Other White Varietals
Double-Gold & Best of Class: J. Scott Cellars 2011 Roussanne OR/WA
Gold: Abacela Winery 2011 Albariño UV
Gold: Schmidt Family Vineyards 2011 Albariño AV

Pinot Gris/Grigio
Gold: Schmidt Family Vineyards 2011 SO
Gold: Seven of Hearts 2011 OR
Gold: Wild Goose Vineyard 2011 Pinot Gris Mystic River Vine OV
Gold: Willamette Valley Vineyards 2011 WV

Pinot Noir
Double-Gold & Best of Class: Sweet Earth Vineyards 2011 Estate Barrel Select WV
Gold: Nysa Vineyard 2007 DH
Gold: Omero Cellars 2011 WV
Gold: Seven of Hearts 2010 Special Reserve WV
Gold: Swiftwater Cellars 2009 WV
Gold: Vista Hills Vineyard 2010 Piedmont (Estate) DH

Red Blend
Double-Gold & Best of Class: Swiftwater Cellars 2008 Proprietary Red CV
Gold: Fort Walla Walla Cellars 2008 Reserve WW
Gold: Skylite Cellars 2009 Soiree WW
Gold: Tamarack Cellars 2011 Firehouse Red CV
Gold: Wind Rose Cellars 2010 Bravo Rosso WS
Gold: Woodriver Cellars 2009 Meritage SR

Gold: Double-Gold & Best of Class: Foris Vineyards Winery 2011 RV
Gold: Anam Cara Cellars 2011 Nicholas Estate CM
Gold: Saviah Cellars 2011 The Jack CV

Gold: Smasne Cellars 2011 Farm Girl Rosé YV

Double-Gold & Best of Class: Kontos Cellars 2010 Tate YV
Gold: Cedar River Cellars 2010 Bella Bella CV
Gold: Kandarian Wine Cellars 2010 RV
Gold: Smasne Cellers 2009 Block 3 Lawrence Vineyard CV
Gold: Walla Walla Vintners 2010 WW
Gold: Westport Winery 2010 Swimmer’s Last CV

Double-Gold & Best of Class: RoxyAnn Winery 2009 RV
Gold: Abacela Winery 2009 Estate UV

Gold: Mt. Lehman Winery 2011 OV
Gold: Northwest Cellars 2011 CV
Gold: Schmidt Family Vineyards 2011 AV

White Blend
Gold: Grizzly Peak 2011 Rumor RV
Gold: Mt. Lehman 2011 Chard/Sauv Blanc Fraser Valley BC
Gold: Smasne 2010 Upland/Konner Ray White Snipes Mt.

Gold: Troon Vineyard 2010 Reserve AV


AV = Applegate Valley
CM = Chehalem Mountains
CG = Columbia Gorge
CV = Columbia Valley
DH = Dundee Hills
HHH = Horse Heaven Hills
OV = Okanagan Valley BC
RSH = Rattlesnake Hills
RHDC = Red Hills Douglas Co
RV = Rogue Valley
SR = Snake River Valley
SO = Southern Oregon
WS = Wahluke Slope
WW = Walla Walla Valley
WV = Willlamatte Valley
YC = Yamhill-Carlton
YV = Yakima Valley

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