Cut! That's a Wrap

Boska s Cheese Curler
Koziol s Hedgehog Cheese Grater
Laguiole Cheese Knives
Amaranth s Cheese Keeper
Anthropologie s Erstwhile Cheese Dome
Formaticum Cheese Paper
Microplane s 2-in1 Rotary Grater

Boska's Cheese Curler (also known as a Swiss Girolle) is designed for serving Tete-de-Moine (Monk's Head), P'tit Basque, Edam and similar cheeses. The knife creates paper-thin rosettes, intensifying the flavor while creating an eye-catching presentation. $54.99; www.boska.com*

Koziol's Hedgehog Cheese Grater uses its curved back to grate cheese and create a perfect mound under its belly. Made in Germany and available in seven colors. $9.45; www.allmodern.com

Made in France by Jean Dubost since 1920, Laguiole Cheese Knives are serious culinary tools made fun with a variety of vibrant colors. The six-piece set includes four spreaders, cheese knife and cleaver. $67.99; www.cheeseboardco.com*

Amaranth's Cheese Keeper is sure to do a "Gouda" job of preserving your favorite cheese for longer by regulating the moisture around it. Handmade of food-safe clay. $15; www.uncommongoods.com

Keep your cheese in style and on display with Anthropologie's Erstwhile Cheese Dome made of broken antique glass melted and blown into cast iron molds. The base and handle are crafted of reclaimed, 19th century European timber. A truly sustainable work of craftsmanship. $348; www.anthropologie.com

Formaticum Cheese Paper simulates the cave environment in which cheese is traditionally aged, allowing it to breathe at its optimal humidity. Each box contains 15 sheets (11 by 14 inches) and 30 adhesive labels to identify cheese and ensure a proper wrap. $9; www.formaticum.com*

Microplane's 2-in-1 Rotary Grater features a razor-sharp blade to make fast work out of coarsely or finely grating soft and hard cheeses, nuts, chocolates, and other ingredients. Available in black or white. $19.95; www.us.microplane.com*

*Check with your local cheese shop for these Empourium products.

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