Editor's Note: A New APProach

by Hilary Berg

I have always loved the smell of paper and ink. I am not alone; just the other day, I discovered a perfume called Paper Passion by Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel. Genius. When walking into a bookstore or library, I always take a deep breath and hold the scent in my nose, hoping to prolong its nostalgic effects. I've always wanted to bottle up the smell and take it with me. Now, I can.

Paper and print has been an important part of our collective past, and hopefully our future, too. Unfortunately, many publications are struggling to survive. Daily newspapers have been hit the hardest, mere shells of their heydays before the Internet threatened their seemingly indelible pages. Community newspapers seem to be in better shape, although also bruised and battered with smaller staffs and fewer editions.

No matter the size or frequency, newspapers and journalism remain an important part of an educated and functioning society; thus I believe publications are far from extinct; in fact, a renaissance is afoot.

Publishers are embracing new platforms, new delivery options, so to speak. While most already have loaded websites, pubs now have to accommodate smartphones and tablets, organizing content in yet another manner.

Fortunately, Oregon Wine Press is owned by a forward-thinking publisher, the News-Register. Our McMinnville-based parent company has created a balanced atmosphere emphasizing, first and foremost, an effective and relevant print product -- it smells lovely -- as well as digital versions, including our website and, now, app.

On Feb. 15, OWP launched its inaugural app for the iPad -- other tablets and mobile devices are soon to follow. Every month, a new issue can be downloaded for free. A service to our loyal readers, this back-lit version of the pub is a fun addition to the printed pages. Of course, we will continue to deliver OWP's 22,000-plus copies across the state and country, but this new "vehicle" gives OWP an opportunity to capture even more readers eager to learn about Oregon wine.

While iPads don't smell like anything, really, they do offer an exciting future for pubs like OWP. I suppose programmers could resurrect the "smell-o-vision" concept, but I'll just stick with print for, what I consider, the ultimate aromatherapy experience. 

Teaser: OWP offers new digital version for tablet-loving readers

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