Wine Makes Scents

1270 by Frapin - Named for the year the Frapin family established itself in the Cognac region of France, 1270 was created by Beatrice Cointreau, great-granddaughter of Pierre Frapin. With Frapin’s cellar master, she sought to create a fragrance that captured the essence of Cognac production — Folle Blanche blossoms, vineyard grass, damp earth, wooden casks, loamy smell of humus in the cellar. Notes include: exotic woods, spice, raisin, flowers, pepper, candied orange, nut, hazelnut, prune, cocoa, coffee, leather, woods, honey and vanilla. $155 (100 ml); www.luckyscent.com

Ut Olet Vinum by Scaglietti - Through the cooperation of Sergio Scaglietti, famous car designer from Modena, and the company named after and owned by his nephew, Simone Scaglietti, the Italian home fragrance collection UT OLET VINUM was born in 2000. Inspired by the world of wines, each offers notes of a specific varietal. The Barolo is a fruity blend with notes of mandarin, vanilla, violet, rosewood, musk and sandalwood. Other diffusers include Chianti, Fragolino, Gewürztraminer, Lambrusco, Moscato, Pinot Nero. Bottles are sealed in red wax; the bamboo sticks are bundled and wrapped with satin ribbons. $66 (250 ml); $58 (500 ml refill); www.beautyhabit.com

Notes of Wine by Kelly & Jones - The Notes of Wine Collection is a fine fragrance line that exquisitely captures the essence of the vineyard. The New York perfumer Kelly & Jones says #5 Notes of Chardonnay is “a rich, vibrant and seductive blend of sweet honeydew melon, vanilla blossom and luscious crème brûlée all rounded out on a base of toasted oak.” The #4 Notes of Merlot is described as a smooth, balanced essence and beautiful blend of red currant, mission fig, rhubarb and lovely candied violet.” Other varieties include: Notes of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet and Riesling. $84 (1.69 fl oz/50 ml); www.kellyandjones.com

Rosé by A Perfume Organic - Seattle sommelier Katherine Marlowe is collaborating with A Perfume Organic to select wine notes for the New York-based company’s newest collection: The Perfumed Wine Trio. The first release, Rosé, shows notes of fresh berry, crisp apple, dark oaks and rich spices. Like the first sip from a chilled glass of Rosé, intrigue is imparted with hints of clove and nutmeg, warming into a peppery finish. A Perfume participates in a list of other sustainable practices; the most visible is the packaging, a flower seed-embedded box that can be planted. $65 (12-ml roll-on bottle); www.aperfumeorganic.com

Le Boisé by Ginestet - With a 100-year-old pedigree in the business of the legendary wines of Bordeaux, Mireille Delpeuch of Ginestet was struck with the idea of creating fragrances inspired by the flavors of fine wines. These are not blunt recreations of wine bouquets but intricately constructed fragrances designed to evoke and interpret the pleasures of the family’s grand vintages. Le Boisé, taking inspiration from the oak barrels, is a resolutely masculine scent built on a rich blend of woods. Deep and resonant, with a dash of spice. The packaging takes its cue from Bordeaux tradition, as well, right down to the red capsule. Other Ginestet perfumes include Sauvignonne and Botrytis. $110 (100 ml); www.beautyhabit.com

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