OWN the News

On May 9, the Oregon Wine Board introduced a new feature on its website ( called the Oregon Wine Newsroom (OWN). Users can access it by clicking on the Newsroom tab on the site’s homepage.

Built in conjunction with Portland-based Online Newsroom, OWN is an effort to collect, curate and organize content that is generated about the Oregon wine industry on a daily basis. 

“We are super excited to be providing this service to the media, the industry and consumers,” said Tom Danowski, OWB’s executive director. “While the Newsroom section of our website will continue to offer traditional media tools and resources, OWB will produce fewer traditional news releases and instead publish news features directly to OWN.”

Not all of the content will be simply an aggregation of content produced by others on the Internet. OWB will be annotating and organizing content in addition to producing their own material. OWB is also paying special attention to the blogging community and has set up a section in which OWN is following and posting blogs pertaining to Oregon wine.

The OWB says OWN is a work in progress but believes it will be a useful feature for media, industry and consumer. The rest of the website will be redesigned with a completion date scheduled for this fall.

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