Uncork Some Character


1. The Collector - Brass Muse Bottle Opener Part of designer Jonathan Adler’s Brass Bibelots collection, the Brass Muse Bottle Opener is hand-sculpted in his Soho studio and then sand-cast in brass and hand-polished. Like a fine wine, quality brass objects improve with age. The polished brass starts shiny and develops a rich, natural patina over time. If you have no patience for patina, you can drop it in a bucket of acetone but at your own risk. Protective felt bag included. $98; www.jonathanadler.com

2. The Professional - Pulltaps Toledo Corkscrew The new Pulltaps Toledo Corkscrew by Pulltex has been designed for lovers of cutlery. It has a stainless steel sleeve with two inserts of rosewood. The quailty and the finish of the corkscrew makes it a jewel for wine lovers. It’s internationally patented double lever system allows cork removal in two steps without bending or breaking, with ease and comfort. $75; www.beveragefactory.com

3. The Hipster - Mr. Opie Green Corkscrew Opie Green knows one subject really well: wine. He can tell Méthode Champenoise from Méthode Traditionelle with his eyes closed. And he can open your bottle faster than you can say “double-magnum.” His beard forms an excellent non-slip grip. The corkscrew has an antifriction coating for ease of use. Made by Boston Warehouse. $9.99; www.b2c.bwtc.com/store

4. The Gadget Geek - Brucart Corkscrew Pulltex’s Brucart Corkscrew is a unique cork extracting system. Place the unit over the bottle, and turn the entire unit clockwise to insert into the cork. The axis in the center rises to act as an indicator to tell you when the cork is fully inserted. Pull the lever to activate an eleven-step ratchet and spring loaded arm to extract the cork. The corkscrew features a Teflon-coated spiral and a stainless steel blade. Includes a black leather pouch. $69.95; www.beveragefactory.com

5. The Artist - Railroad Spike Corkscrew Combo  Ironworker Randy Bennett creates these one-of-a-kind corkscrew-bottle openers from salvaged railroad spikes. After a request to create a corkscrew from a customer, Bennett experimented in the smithy for a few hours and created a real collector’s item. If you would like minor alterations, let him know in the “comments to seller” section during checkout. $39.95; www.etsy.com/listing/70260425

6. The Princess - Chic Lady Divine Corkscrew
Full of sensual curves, the Chic Lady by L’Atelier du Vin will uncork your bottles gently and in true style. Its swing system handle glides with the motion of your hand. It has a feminine and delicate look while maintaining a gentle firmness around the neck. The handle covered in Swarovski crystals is sure to impress your guests. $195; www.amazon.com/LAtelier-Vin-Corkscrew-Swarovski-Crystal/dp/B0030DH106

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