Savor the Winners

Winners of the first-ever SavorNW Wine Awards have been announced.

Founded by Gary Hayes, the competition was produced in conjunction with the Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival, March 8–11.

A panel of professional wine judges tasted 250 Northwest wines in a single-blind format. 

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SavorNW Wine Awards 2012 Medal Winners


Silver: 2009 Cave B Estate
Silver: 2007 Flying Dutchman
Silver: 2009 Walla Walla Vintners
Bronze: 2007 DiStefano Sogno
Bronze: 2009 Quady North
Bronze: 2009 Troon


Gold: 2007 Skylite Cellars
Silver: 2009 Amavi Cellars
Silver: 2008 Cathedral Ridge
Silver: 2009 Cave B Estate XXIV
Silver: 2009 Ferraro Cellar
Silver: 2009 Gilstrap Brothers 45 Paradise
Silver: 2008 Kontos Cellars
Silver: 2008 Kontos Cellars Caimbry
Silver: 2008 Tamarack Cellars
Silver: 2008 Walla Walla Vintners
Silver: 2007 Zerba Cellars
Bronze: 2008 Flying Dutchman
Bronze: 2006 Valley View


Gold: 2008 Zerba Cellars
Silver: 2009 Brian Carter ONE
Silver: 2008 Gilstrap Brothers 45 Reserve
Silver: 2008 Seven Bridges Reserve
Silver: 2009 Walla Walla Vintners Pepper Bridge
Bronze: 2009 Daisy Creek


Gold: 2009 Walla Walla Vintners
Silver: 2008 Daisy Creek Reserve
Silver: 2008 Kontos Cellars
Silver: 2008 Tamarack Cellars
Bronze: 2009 Cave Bronze: Estate XXIV
Bronze: 2009 Domaine de Chaberton Estate
Bronze: 2010 Glaser Estate
Bronze: 2008 Glenterra Vineyards
Bronze: 2009 Kiona Reserve
Bronze: 2007 Skylite Cellars Estate
Bronze: 2008 Slagle Creek
Bronze: 2009 Slagle Creek


Gold: 2009 Archery Summit Looney Vineyard
Gold: 2009 Archery Summit Red Hills Estate
Gold: 2006 Medici Estate Reserve Block I+II
Gold: 2009 Sineann Oregon
Silver: 2009 ADEA Deano’s Pinot
Silver: 2009 ADEA Cherry Grove Vineyard
Silver: 2009 ADEA Hawk’s View Vineyard
Silver: 2009 Archery Summit Estate
Silver: 2009 Archery Summit Premier Cuvee
Silver: 2009 Archery Summit Renegade Ridge
Silver: 2007 August Cellars
Silver: 2009 Beckham Estate
Silver: 2010 Beckham Estate
Silver: 2009 Cathedral Ridge Dampier Vineyard
Silver: 2010 Glaser Estate Barrel Select
Silver: 2009 Hyland Estates
Silver: 2008 Kyra Wines
Silver: 2008 LaVelle Matthew’s Reserve
Silver: 2004 Medici Estate East Block
Silver: 2008 Pudding River Estate
Silver: 2009 Sineann Schindler
Silver: 2008 Sweet Cheeks
Silver: 2009 Valley View
Silver: 2008 Walnut City WineWorks Reserve
Silver: 2009 Youngberg Hill Estate
Bronze: 2009 Abiqua Wind ­­Isaac’s Reserve
Bronze: 2006 August Cellars Hawk’s View
Bronze: 2008 Capitello
Bronze: 2009 Carlton Hill Estate
Bronze: 2009 Carlton Hill Estate Reserve
Bronze: 2009 Del Rio
Bronze: 2009 Eola Hills La Creole
Bronze: 2010 Hyland Estates - Coury
Bronze: 2010 J. Scott Cellars
Bronze: 2008 Kramer Estate
Bronze: 2006 Seufert Reserve
Bronze: 2009 Seufert - Bishop Creek
Bronze: 2007 Bernard Machado


Gold: 2008 Zerba Cellars
Silver: 2008 Kyra Wines
Bronze: 2008 Hip Chicks Do Wine


Gold: 2008 Cathedral Ridge
Gold: 2009 Gilstrap Brothers 45 Magic
Gold: 2009 Pudding River
Gold: 2007 Zerba Cellars
Silver: 2009 Amavi Cellars
Silver: 2008 Daisy Creek
Silver: 2009 Del Rio
Silver: 2006 Domaine de Chaberton Canoe Cove
Silver: 2008 Domaine de Chaberton
Silver: 2008 Eola Hills La Creole
Silver: 2008 Mackey
Silver: 2009 RoxyAnn
Silver: 2007 Skylite Cellars
Silver: 2008 Volcano Vineyards Lakeside
Bronze: 2009 Delfino
Bronze: 2008 Quady North Steelhead Run
Bronze: 2008 Quady North Syrah 4-2,A
Bronze: 2007 Serra
Bronze: 2007 Slagle Creek
Bronze: 2008 Troon Reserve


Silver: 2009 Cave B Estate
Silver: 2009 RoxyAnn
Bronze: 2009 Delfino
Bronze: 2009 Slagle Creek
Bronze: 2008 Valley View Anna Maria


Gold: 2009 Angel Vine
Silver: 2008 Angel Vine Les Colinas
Bronze: 2009 Cathedral Ridge
Bronze: 2009 Delfino
Bronze: 2010 Troon Kubli Bench


Silver: 2009 Angel Vine Stonetree Petite Syrah
Silver: 2005 August Cellars Marechal Foch
Silver: 2010 J. Scott Petite Sirah
Silver: 2009 Kiona Lemberger
Silver: 2009 Recline Ridge Marechal Foch
Bronze: 2009 August Cellars Baco Noir


Gold: 2010 Del Rio Claret
Gold: 2008 Kontos Alatus
Gold: 2009 Northwest Cellars Cadenza
Gold: 2008 Seven Bridges Prima Nata
Gold: 2010 Tamarack Firehouse Red
Gold: 2007 Tamarack Sagemoor Reserve
Silver: 2009 Angel Vine The Hellion
Silver: 2008 Brian Carter Abracadabra
Silver: 2008 Brian Carter Corrida
Silver: 2006 Brian Carter Solesce
Silver: 2007 Brian Carter Trentenaire
Silver: 2008 Cathedral Ridge Bordheauxd Red
Silver: 2008 Cathedral Ridge Rock Star Red
Silver: 2008 Cave B Cuvee du Soleil
Silver: 2009 Cloudlift Ascent
Silver: 2009 Cloudlift Cloud 2
Silver: 2009 Cloudlift Panorama
Silver: 2008 Daisy Creek Lyon Red
Silver: 2008 DiStefano Mertiage
Silver: 2008 LaVelle Trilogy
Silver: 2009 Mackey Concordia
Silver: 2008 Northwest Cellars Intrigue
Silver: 2009 Pamplin J/R/G Red Wine
Silver: 2008 Quady North Arsenal vinum pro virtus
Silver: 2010 Recline Ridge Hawk’s Haven
Silver: 2009 River Stone Corner Stone
Silver: 2008 Skylite Soiree
Silver: 2007 Slagle Creek Claret
Silver: 2007 Slagle Creek Tempranillo/Cab Sauv
Silver: 2010 Westport Bella
Bronze: 2008 Brian Carter Byzance
Bronze: 2007 Brian Carter Le Coursier
Bronze: 2008 Brian Carter Tuttorosso
Bronze: 2007 DiStefano Domenica
Bronze: 2007 Domaine de Chaberton Canoe Cove Cab Sauv/Merlot
Bronze: 2006 Ferraro Mista Rosso
Bronze: 2009 God King Slave Syrah-Tempranillo
Bronze: 2008 Kyra PSV Red
Bronze: 2009 Sineann Abondante
Bronze: 2008 Slagle Creek Estate Red
Bronze: 2009 Sweet Cheeks Pinot Fusion
Bronze: 2006 Trium Grower’s Cuvée
Bronze: 2009 Troon Old Vine Meritage
Bronze: 2009 Unsworth Symphony



Gold: 2010 Pudding River Wine Cellars
Gold: 2008 Valley View Winery Anna Maria
Silver: 2010 ADEA Durant
Silver: 2010 Cave B Unoaked
Silver: 2009 Oliver Twist
Silver: 2009 Walnut City WineWorks
Bronze: 2009 Cathedral Ridge
Bronze: 2010 Serra


Gold: 2010 Capitello
Gold: 2010 Kyra
Gold: 2011 LaVelle
Silver: 2010 Del Rio
Silver: 2010 Enrico Winery
Silver: 2011 Glaser Estate
Silver: 2010 River Stone
Silver: 2010 Unsworth
Bronze: 2010 Roxyann
Bronze: 2010 Walnut City WineWorks


Silver: 2008 August Cellars
Silver: 2010 Cave B
Silver: 2010 Mackey
Bronze: 2009 Hyland Estates
Bronze: 2010 LaVelle
Bronze: 2011 Mia Sonatina


Silver: 2010 DiStefano
Bronze: 2010 Capitello Wines Walnut Ridge


Silver: 2008 Daisy Creek
Silver: 2010 J. Scott
Bronze: 2010 Northwest Cellars
Bronze: 2010 Oliver Twist
Bronze: 2008 Quady North Steelhead Run
Bronze: 2009 Roxyann Winery Viognier


Gold: 2010 Domaine de Chaberton Bacchus
Gold: 2009 Domaine de Chaberton Siegerrebe
Gold: 2010 Kramer Pinot Blanc
Gold: 2010 Westport Maritime Moscoto
Silver: 2010 Abiqua Wind Chloe’s Breeze
Silver: 2010 Amavi Semillon
Silver: 2007 August Cellars Gewürztaminer
Silver: 2010 Hip Chicks Do Wine Muscat
Silver: 2010 J. Scott Roussanne
Bronze: 2010 Hyland Estates Gewurztraminer


Silver: 2010 Brian Carter Oriana
Silver: 2010 Slagle Creek Clover
Silver: NV Volcano V-Licious
Bronze: 2010 Daisy Creek Triple Play


Gold: 2009 Kramer Brut
Silver: NV Kramer Celebrate Mueller-Thurgau


Gold: 2011 Glaser Estate Pink Panik
Silver: 2010 Cave B Saignee
Silver: 2010 Hip Chicks Do Wine Riot Girl
Silver: 2010 Kiona Rose of Sangiovese
Bronze: 2010 Oliver Twist Patio Passion
Bronze: 2010 Serra


Gold: 2006 Kiona First Crush Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc
Silver: 2009 Brian Carter Opulento
Silver: 2009 Capitello Dolcino
Silver: 2006 Eola Hills Vin d’Epice
Bronze: NV Gilstrap Brothers 45 Passion


Gold: 2010 Coastal Black Blackberry Sparkling
Silver: 2010 Coastal Black Raspberry Ambrosia
Silver: 2010 Coastal Black Raspberry Table
Bronze: NV Flying Dutchman Coastal Blackberry


Gold: 2009 Coastal Black Blueberry
Silver: 2009 Coastal Black
Silver: 2010 Meadow Vista Mabon
Bronze: 2010 Meadow Vista Libra
Bronze: 2010 Meadow Vista Cloud Horse

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