Top Ten Stories of 2011

1. Miracle Harvest
Growers across the state brave the elements and stay the course in anticipation of a beautiful vintage
By Karl Klooster, OWP Dec. 2011

2. OWB Reboots
Oregon Wine Board/Oregon Winegrowers Association hires duo to re-energize agency and help search for new director
By Hilary Berg, OWP July 2011

UPDATE: A new Oregon Wine Board/Oregon Winegrowers Association executive director was hired at the beginning of December. Click here to learn more about Tom Danowski.

3. Oregon Pinot’s Point of Origin
Forest Grove claim rekindles debate over birthplace of the state’s first Pinot Noir
By Karl Klooster, OWP Feb. 2011

4. Event Bill Battle
Contested legislation puts industry in fight for rights
By Karl Klooster, OWP July 2011

5. Report Interrupted
Federal budget shortfall halts harvest survey
By Karl Klooster, OWP Dec. 2011

UPDATE: Since the publication of the following article in last month’s OWP, our staff received this note of encouragement from Oregon Wine Board’s marketing and communications director Charles Humble:  “The OWB discussed the issue of funding the NASS survey at the board meeting [on Dec. 6]. The board agreed that some form of the survey is critical to the industry and is committed to making sure that a survey is conducted for the 2011 harvest. David Adelsheim is working with USDA to determine exactly what will be included in that survey and the timing for its completion. It’s unlikely that it will be completed in February or that it will be as robust as previous years. The board will also be considering alternatives for a long-term solution.”

6. Oregon Econ Up
Study shows state’s wine industry strong, healthy
By OWP Staff, OWP Feb. 2011

7. Tracking Tempranillo
Members of Roseburg’s sister city program visit Spain’s Ribera del Duero
By Janet Eastman, OWP Oct. 2011

8. HR 1161
Kurt Schrader co-sponsors CARE Act of 2011
By OWP Staff, OWP Oct. 2011

9. Milestone Celebrations
celebrates 25 years

By Karl Klooster, OWP Sept. 2011

commemorates 20

By Karl Klooster, OWP Dec. 2011

10. Code Craze
QR codes offer wineries exciting opportunities in creative mobile marketing
By Mark Stock, April 2011

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