Looking Back and Up

By Hilary Berg, OWP Editor

Every January, Oregon Wine Press takes a small break from the normal workload.

As you will notice, most of the departments are absent from this issue. No worries; they are only on a one-month hiatus.

With the stress of the holidays, I think it’s best to give contributors a bit of a break and a chance to re-energize before the new year begins.

So yes, January’s issue looks different and is a bit smaller, but it’s no less important.

In this issue, we take the opportunity to look back at the previous year and feature the stories that shaped it (click here) .

From one crazy harvest to a battle of bills, to the quest for a new OWB/OWA executive director — they hired a great one (click here) — 2011 was one heck of a ride that, while bumpy at times, didn’t disappoint.

It is also in January that we unveil OWP’s Wine Person of the Year.

We strive to select someone who’s made a difference in the industry and embodies the spirit of Oregon wine. For 2011, that person is Ronni Lacroute of WillaKenzie Estate.

When OWP Associate Editor Karl Klooster, myself and others discussed who should make the cut, Ronni was the unanimous choice.

Her successful winery and vineyard is impressive, and her community involvement and philanthropy is truly awe-inspiring. But if you’ve ever met her, you know it’s her dynamic personality and positive vibe that earned my vote.

Ronni’s vibrant eyes and wide, unapologetic smile say it all. Always a breath of fresh air, she’s approachable, down-to-earth, compassionate, quirky, intelligent and a lot of fun to be around.

I admire her on many levels, and after reading the cover story (click here), I have no doubt you will, too.

Thank you, Ronni, for all you do.

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