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Prospect Hotel | Fred Wickman | [Prospect]

Prospect Historic Hotel

Where: 391 Mill Creek Dr., Prospect
Details: Call for hours and reservations at 541-560-3664

Owned by Fred and Karen Wickman, The Prospect Historic Hotel, located 28 miles from Crater Lake, was the recipient of a 2015 Oregon Wine A-List Award for its dedication to Oregon wine.

Why is it important to support Oregon wineries?

We live in a state that has had to turn to tourism and related industries to replace the loss of timber income. Our industry now is TOURISM. As part of that industry, wine is a very significant leader in garnering attention for the state and everything else we have to offer.

Of course, [our state’s] wonders of natural beauty are the initial draw for tourists; however, once they are here, they crave to touch, taste and experience all that Oregon has to offer. As the proprietors of Oregon’s bounty, we must reach out and develop the paths [that engage] guests’ senses. Oregon wine is one of the most perfect paths to delight their inner beings and enhance the pleasures of the Oregon experience. Folks from all over the world know about California wines and food products. Those who are more aware [of Oregon wine] are becoming more knowledgeable, discovering the deliciousness that Oregonians take for granted. As industry leaders, we must support the products that stand out in the marketplace.

What makes Southern Oregon wines special?

Oregon produces excellent wines, comparable to some of the best in the world. They just need to continue to be discovered. We have such a wonderful diversity of varietals throughout the state. The infinite variations of Pinot Noir in the Willamette, the complex micro-climates of the Columbia Gorge and the vast range of terroir in Southern Oregon, from diverse soils and micro-climates — sometimes within the same small valley. 

Southern Oregon wines are coming into their own; they are comparable to some of the best in the world. We can hold our own with the upper echelon of wines. Southern Oregon wines are diverse and exotic, mild and yet enthralling; they can encompass the soft nose typical of the Willamette Pinots or the robust deep heavy reds of Napa and Central California. Southern Oregon wine provides pleasure for every palate. 

Name the last bottle of wine (local or otherwise) that super-impressed your palate and pair it with a menu item.

Kriselle 2012 Di’Tani (red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo and Malbec) paired with Prospect Hotel Lasagna. The wine brings out the flavors of all five cheeses interspersed within the 19 layers.

What is the most memorable food and wine pairing you have ever experienced?

Spice-rubbed, crispy skinned Rock Cornish game hen served with red potato and olive stuffing and paired with Crater Lake Cellars (Shady Cove) Riesling — both sweet and dry. Winemaker Steve Gardner purposefully used the same grapes as a dry and as a sweet wine. This was a wonderful example of how the same grapes enhanced different flavor profiles within the Rock Cornish game hens, depending on the nuances of the sweet versus the dry variations.


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