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Entrepreneurs introduce contactless wine pairing

Vend Charcuterie at The Carlton Winemakers Studio. ##Photo provided

After the pandemic’s initial spike waned, wineries were eager to open to the public again, but changes had to be made for safety’s sake, including how to serve food accompaniments that many tasting rooms offered to hungry guests.

Enter Vend Charcuterie.

Willamette Valley entrepreneurs Shawn Duncan and Jessica Endsworth, both longtime food and beverage professionals, collaborated to create a contact-free pairing program via vending machine.

The duo stocks each with a curated selection of artisanal meats, cheeses, crackers, nuts and other items, creating an “elevated, thoughtful experience for guests without hassle, risk or contact.”

When it comes to sourcing from area producers, Endsworth explains, “We wish there were more local products to include in our current list, but packaging that will work for a vending machine is tricky. We always start with the intention of local first, but we have to be realistic about preparation, packaging and closing food systems to shoot for a zero-waste model.”

And yet, she continues, “We have some local relationships that we are starting this year. We are always trying to grow innovatively.”

Matiz Espana

These succulent mussels come from the wild coast of Galicia in northern Spain. Organically cultivated, they are prepared in the local style, gently simmered and marinated in escabeche (organic extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and spices) to yield tender mussels.

Seattle Chocolate

Emerald City’s namesake chocolatier delivers art-wrapped truffle bars for every season. This spring, savor the Wafer Cone made of malted milk powder and crisp organic brown rice in milk chocolate. Every purchase supports Girls Inc.


The third-generation creamery in France’s Jura region crafts AOP (protected designation of origin) comté. The cool, wet climate is optimal for raising the mountain-grazing Montbéliardes cow, which produces the distinct milk for the fine cheese.


Seattleites Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg have fun when flavoring their salami. Agrumi is fragrant and colorful with cardamom, orange peel and red chili flakes. Finocchiona spices up traditional cracked black pepper and fennel with a touch of curry.


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