All fun, no work

New OWP editor rabbles on

By Michele Francisco

My name is Michele Francisco. I am so honored to be the new editor of Oregon Wine Press. I look forward to making new friends with those of you I have not yet met.

Reflecting on my education and career, it’s ironic how everything I’ve done previously prepared me for this role. First, I attended UCLA, where I studied and analyzed stories. It was there I repeatedly practiced composing compelling, persuasive opinions, earning a bachelor’s degree in English.

Shortly after college, I studied page layout and design in an intimate graphics program. I learned the art of pursuing the most elegant, yet simple way to express words and images on a blank page. While working as a designer, I became enamored with marketing and crafting convincing messages for my audience. Whether words, design or marketing strategy, I have spent my career sharpening and refining my communications.

Fast-forward to 2009, when I reconnected with my high school sweetheart and mentioned my love of wine. He offered to take me wine tasting if I visited him in Oregon. I innocently asked, “They make wine in Oregon? How’s next weekend?” While sitting at a picnic table overlooking the Tualatin Estate Vineyard, enjoying a glass of wine, we fell in love again.

A year at Santa Barbara College of Law delayed any move north until the spring of 2010. Once in Oregon, many encouraged me to enroll in Chemeketa Community College’s viticulture and enology program. During my studies, I launched Winerabble– my Northwest-focused wine blog– a rewarding outlet in which to share my knowledge and passion with others. Between Winerabble and 750 Media, my PR & marketing company, I have championed Oregon wineries for well over a decade.

You know the saying, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? For me, writing and studying Oregon wine – and let’s not forget drinking it – is all fun and no work. Your passion is my passion! What most motivates you? My virtual door is always open, so please reach out: I look forward to hearing and sharing your wine and stories with Oregon wine lovers around the globe.

Michele Francisco, OWP Editor

P.S. My high school sweetheart and I are happily still sipping Oregon wine together.

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