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1239 S.W. Broadway
Portland, OR 97205  

2015 Wine Director of the Year: Andy Zalman

Since Higgins’ beginning in 1994, Andy Zalman has been a part of it. Although his title is “wine steward,” he is much more than that. He’s a respected “sommelier,” “mentor,” “wine buyer,” and every night he works, he is a consummate “waiter” at the Portland culinary icon.

The success of Greg Higgins’ restaurant has never just relied on the food alone; wine — and a bevy of Belgian beers as well as single-malt Scotches — has been integral to the restaurant’s longevity and popularity from the outset.

For years, Zalman has been cultivating relationships with Oregon winemakers in the state and around the world. Distributors know him well, too. Every Wednesday, 2 to 4 p.m., he sits in Higgins’ bar at table 49, and meets with reps keen on selling bottles that will pair well with the menu.

At Higgins, the impeccable marriage of food and wine is a commitment that requires experience, hard work and strong relationships. These are the attributes that make an award-winning wine professional, like Andy Zalman, the A-List Wine Director of the Year. 

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