Oregon WineA-List Awards

Oregon Wine A-List Awards FAQs

Q: What is the nomination period?

A: The Oregon Wine A-List nomination period for the 2015 awards is Sept. 1, 2014 – Nov. 30, 2014.

Q: When are the winners notified?

A: The winners will be notified by early February 2015. The official announcement will be made at the Oregon Wine Symposium awards dinner on Feb. 24, 2015.

Q: Who decides the award winners?

A: Winners are chosen by a committee comprised of the sponsor organizations (Oregon Wine Press and the Oregon Wine Board) as well as key members of the Oregon wine industry.

Q: What are the benefits of receiving an award?

Receiving an Oregon Wine A-List Award is an important public recognition that the recipient is an influential champion of Oregon wine. An Oregon Wine A-List Award guides wine-loving consumers to the winning restaurant for a distinctive Oregon wine experience.

Winners of the 2015 Oregon Wine A-List Awards will be widely recognized through publicity in a number of channels including:

  • Recognition at the Oregon Wine Symposium awards dinner in February
  • Joint press release distributed by the co-sponsors (Oregon Wine Press and Oregon Wine Board
  • Featured on the websites, email lists, and social media posts of:
    • Oregon Wine Board
    • Oregon Wine Press
    • Oregon Wine A-List Awards Program
    • Oregon travel and tourism organizations
    • Regional wine associations
  • Print advertising in appropriate publications (media plan TBD)

In addition, you can promote your business year round as an Oregon Wine A-List honoree using:

  • Window cling that can displayed to promote recognition at place
    of a business
  • Digital badge for website and social media
  • Graphic element for use in printed materials

Q: Who can submit a nomination for an award?

A: Anyone can submit a restaurant or person to be considered for an Oregon Wine A-List Award. You can even nominate yourself!

Q: What is the cost to submit a nomination?

A: There is no cost to submit a nomination.

Q: Do selected restaurants or people need to pay anything in order to receive recognition?

A: No, the Oregon Wine A-List Awards are intended only to recognize and promote the best-of-the-best in Oregon and beyond. The sponsors do not receive any financial consideration from the winners or any other groups.


For any other questions about the Oregon Wine A-List Awards, please call the Oregon Wine Board at 503.228.8336.


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